About Us

Rehana Abbasi - (better known socially as 'Viral Drive')


"See the beauty in others, even when they can't see it in themselves."

C E L E B E A U T Y  is an exciting new project founded by Rehana Abbasi, launched after two years in the making.

We strive to be the leaders in strip lashes around the globe by providing ingenious products that empower our customers worldwide.      

We are so excited to present you with breath-taking lashes that you will not find elsewhere. These precisely handcrafted, multi layered, 3D beauties have been uniquely designed with absolutely no compromise in quality and are 100% cruelty-free.

Every effort has been put in to not only guarantee customer satisfaction but our lashes also give you that flaunting WOW factor!

There's always a reason to 'Lash Up' so go check out our collection and see what your eyes say about you!

Choose from our sexy, show stopping lashes which create eyes that inspire, boost confidence and simply speak for themselves. Hope you love them as much as we do! xxx


3D Mink Lashes


3D Mink Lashes are 100% cruelty free. The hairs are obtained by gently brushing live animals. This gentle procedure ensures that no animals are  harmed during the entire harvesting process, while preserving the quality of the harvested fur. In addition to this, every single lash is sterilised and hand assembled to ensure quality and durability. Reuse these lashes up to 25 times!  

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Bandless 3D Mink Lashes


3D  Bandless Mink Lashes have a smartly designed invisible band with a soft, luxurious feel. These lashes help complete your look with a  genuine, natural finish. 

If handled and stored with proper care, you can reuse these lashes up to 25 times!